We ship all items by US Postal Service--Priority Mail or First Class. For most locations in the world, shipping time is 10-14 days from posting.  However, times have been known to take longer, particularly for First Class.  See below for more information.

Note: Due to cost-cutting by the postal services, shipments to some countries seem to have been cut back to as little as one time per week. In these cases, we have been informed by the USPS that packages are accumulated and shipped all at once. Thus we have seen the shipping times increase to a large number of these countries.

NOTE ON INSURANCE:  Insurance is available at extra cost when you check out. If you wish to protect your purchase from being lost, please choose this option.

Note also, that weather or other conditions can delay the package. However, our experience is that the most common delay is customs/import officials in your country. Rarely have we had a package rejected and returned to us by import officials, but packages have been delayed in their possession several times. However, the vast majority of our packges seem to go through on a timely manner. Please note that we have no control or no contact with your countries customs/import officials.

Usually, when your item is shipped, you will receive an email from the United States Postal Service that contains your package number. You can use that number to follow your package (to a limited degree) on www.usps.com. Please note, however, that this tracking information is often not updated during the package journey. (In other words, companies such as UPS or FedEx do a better job of tracking the package each day.) Please do not be alarmed if the online information shows no progress as many times the postal services do not update each step.

Note for Canadian customers
Please be aware that Nature's Sunshine does not allow US distribution to ship into Canada, except small quantities for personal use of products that are not available from Nature's Sunshine Canada. Please do not ask us to make an exception. We understand that Paw Paw is no longer available in Canada, so we have opened up Canada on our website and will now ship Paw Paw Cell Reg to you if you reside there. We are also able to offer Canadian residents a lower shipping rate simply because we are able to pass on shipping cost savings to you.

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